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Household Hazardous Waste Recap

(2019-11-06) Our latest County Line Courier article regarding Household Hazardous Waste is now on-line.

A brief summary of what they are, their environmental effects and proper disposal. Click here to access the full article.

Aftermath from Dorian

(2019-09-19) Dorian's impact was felt heavily here in the Kensington North area, downing hundreds, if not thousands, of trees into the streams of our eighteen watersheds. A huge shout out to our hard working crew members who have spent the last week chainsawing in our streams despite some days in cold, wet conditions! And a big thank you to a certain retired Exec who has spent most days this week soaked in leaking sock waders!

Today we were joined in our effort by Rebecca and Reid from the PEI Watershed Alliance. Many thanks you two! More help is on the way this weekend! Our summer students (we've missed them!) will return with classmates from Holland College to keep this effort moving forward!

Click here to view more Dorian related photos on our Facebook page.

Hazardous Waste Updates

(2019-08-15) Our latest County Line Courier articles regarding Hazardous Waste are now on-line.

Click here to see what's new.

Annual General Meeting

(2019-04-11) The Annual General Meeting of the Kensington North Watersheds Assoc. will be held at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 24th at the Murray Christian Centre, 17 School Street, Kensington.

Guest Speaker for the evening will be former CBC reporter Ian Petrie. Mr. Petrie has had a long involvement in resource issues and will bring unique and well informed remarks from his perspective of watershed activity on PEI.

All Welcome, Memberships Available

Farmers Meeting Highlights

(2019-04-02) Presentations by guest speakers and Kensington North staff covered a wide variety of topics at the farmers meeting held in Kensington last week.

Forestry Initiatives, Hazardous Waste, Living Labs, Nitrogen Considerations, Precision Agriculture, Soil Compaction and Subsoiling were discussed.

Click here for more information on the different and access to the presentations.

PEI Invasive Species Council Workshop

(2019-03-22) The fourth Annual Workshop presented by the PEI Invasive Species Council will be held at the Farm Centre, 420 University Ave, Charlottetown on Friday, Mar. 29th from 1:00 - 4:00 pm.

Click here to download a PDF version of the poster.

Annual Farmers Meeting

(2019-03-20) The Annual Farmers Meeting hosted by Kensington North Watersheds Association will be held at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, March 26th at the PEI Agricultural Insurance Corporation Boardroom, 7 Gerald McCarville Dr. in Kensington.

Guest speakers include: Vernon Rodd, Soil Specialist, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Evan MacDonald, Soil & Water Conservation Specialist, PEI Agriculture & Fisheries; Kyra Stiles, Agri-Environmental Development Coordinator, PEI Agriculture & Fisheries.

Topics will include: Soil Compaction, New Applications for GPS, 4R Nutrient Management Trials, 2019 Field Trials.

Door prize: Drop Hammer Penetrometer

What are the Effects of Household Hazardous Wastes?

(2019-03-20) There are a variety of effects and they vary based on the product. From a watershed perspective, our concern is around water quality and safety. It may seem as though improper disposal of something like old paint couldn't possibly have effects on our water here on PEI, but our water cycle is surprisingly intertwined with disposal!

Almost Products flushed down the toilet or poured down the drain will either travel to a wastewater treatment facility, like we have in Kensington, or to your septic system if you live outside of town. There are lots of complicated processes going on in these systems to break down our organic waste and treat the water before its released back into our environment; however, these systems are not designed to treat hazardous wastes, and harmful ingredients could be passing through, back into our ground and surface water untreated.

So, what about throwing out hazardous wastes in your black cart? Well, that can be linked to our water cycle too! PEI's landfill is designed to catch water given off from our garbage, called leachate, and treat it onsite before it is released back into the surrounding environment. However, this system isn't designed for treating hazardous materials either.

Click here to view the full article published in The County Line Courier.

What are Household Hazardous Wastes and What do I do with them?

(2019-03-06) The most common responses as to why households aren't disposing of these products properly were 1, they didn't know what products were considered hazardous wastes and 2, they didn't know hazardous wastes were disposed separately from regular waste.

So, what is a household hazardous waste? When we hear the term hazardous waste, it elicits images of large, bright yellow warning labels, hazmat suits, and mysterious green, oozing fluid, but hazardous wastes can be much more inconspicuous than that. Hazardous wastes are considered unwanted products that are flammable, toxic, corrosive, or explosive - or some combination of those four. Many of us probably have a shelf in our house filled with obvious examples of these.

Click here to view the complete article published in The County Line Courier.

Household Hazardous Waste Survey Summary

(2019-03-06) We received over three-hundred responses to the Household Hazardous Waste Survey sent out last November. We would like to thank everyone who participated in our survey, both online or by mail!

We received a wide range of responses when we asked how households dispose of each product category, but we found that most households are disposing of unwanted products correctly by taking them to a Waste Watch Drop-off Centre (WWDC) or another dealer for disposal.

The results in other categories such as cosmetics, personal care items, and light bulbs showed that many households may not be disposing of these unwanted products correctly at a WWDC.

Click here to view the complete survey summary published in The County Line Courier.

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