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Workshop Presentations

(2017-12-31) Speaker presentations from the recent Invasive Species Workshop held in Kensington are now available on-line.

Recognising Our Funding Partners

(2017-12-30) Kensington North Watersheds Association is a non-profit group which implements a wide variety of projects associated with wildlife habitat restoration, stream enhancement, tree planting, soil conservation and other activities associated with clean water for the residents, wildlife, and industries in our local watershed area.

We are governed by a volunteer board who, assisted by staff, create work plans and seek funding for projects. The work plan is matched with funding opportunities, and projects are created and carried out. Our dedicated volunteers and staff perform the work with passion, and with great efficiency.

We are proud to have partnered with the following funders in 2017:

  • Government of Prince Edward Island, various programs and departments
  • Government of Canada, various programs and departments
  • PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund
  • Fertilizer Canada
  • Town of Kensington

Executive Director Position

(2017-12-08) The Association is actively seeking a qualifed individual to fill the position of Executive Director. Applications will be received until Dec. 12th, 2017.

Click here to access Job Bank posting.

Invasive Species Workshop to be held in Kensington

(2017-11-20) Invasive species are defined as organisms (plant, animal, fungus, or bacterium) that are not native and that have negative effects on a region's economy, environment, or public health.

PEI has a long and difficult history with invasive species. Dandelions, quack grass, skunks, green crab, and Colorado Potato Beetle are just a few examples of invasive species that have given Islanders grief.

Invasive species come to PEI by many different means. Horticultural plants sometimes escape gardens. Low quality farm seed many not be sufficiently cleaned and may contain invasive weed seed. Forest pests are often transported in firewood by unsuspecting campers. Aquatic invasive species travel in bilge water and attach to the hulls of boats and ships.

Many invasive species are so well established that eradication is all but impossible. Some need to be controlled to minimize their impact on the environment, the economy and human health. Others invasive species have not yet arrived on PEI, and there is a need to be know and recognize them so they can be identified quickly and appropriate measures can be taken to minimize their impact if and when they arrive.

Kensington North Watersheds Association is hosting an Invasive Species Workshop on Wednesday, November 29 at 7:00 pm at the Agricultural Insurance Corporation Boardroom, 7 Gerald McCarville Drive. The speakers will be:

  • Andrew McKenzie-Gopsill, PhD
    Research Scientist, Weed Science Science and Technology Branch
    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • David Carmichael
    Horticultural Technician, Forests, Fish and Wildlife
    PEI Dept. of Communities, Land and Environment

Both Andrew and David are active members of the PEI Invasive Species Council, have considerable experience and knowledge with and of invasive species.

Planting Willow Riparian Buffers

(2017-08-30) The Hon. Lawrence MacAulay announced a new Greenhouse Gas research initiative to demonstrate the effectiveness of willow riparian buffer systems to store carbon thus mitigating GHGs. The five year project will be led by the East Prince Agri-Environment Association (EPAA) in collaboration with Soil Health Specialist Dr. David Burton from Dalhousie University.

"To broaden the demonstration we have partnered with the Kensington North Watersheds Association and the Souris and Area Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation to reach famers beyond our area. This is a very exciting project that is made possible by our close working relationship with AAFC researchers and technicians and the financial support from AAFC's GHG Mitigation Program" said Andrea McKenna, Manager of the East Prince Agri-Environment Association.

Two Master of Science students will be hired. One to determine the impact of a willow riparian buffer system on GHG balance of agricultural transition areas in potato cropping systems and one to examine the uses of willow biomass after potato harvest. During the project, a total of twelve sites will be planted across the island. If successful we hope more producers will adopt this important Agro-Forestry Best Management Practice.

Click here for the full media release.

Minister on Tour

(2017-08-23) The Hon. Robert Mitchell, Minister of Communities, Land and Environment for PEI joined Kensington North Board members and staff on a brief tour of some of this year's summer projects.

Pictured with the Minister at Paynters Pond are David Cody, Association President Amber MacRae, Board member Michael Pasatieri, Johanna Kelly and Executive Director Barry Murray.

Annual General Meeting

(2017-04-15) The Annual General Meeting of the Kensington North Watersheds Assoc. will be held at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 26 at the Kensington Legion.

Hon. Robert Mitchell, Minister of Communities, Land and Environment for PEI, will speak on the Water Act and other initiatives from his department.

Refreshments, All Welcome, Memberships Available

New Corporate Member

(2017-03-03) Spring Valley Building Centre is our newest Corporate Member. Please see our Corporate Members page for information about them and a complete list of our Corporate Members.

PEI Winter Woodlot Tour

(2017-01-29) According to the organisers the 2017 Winter Woodlot Tour was a great success, with over 1400 people in attendance. A big thank you to all the people and furry friends who came out! The Hunter-Clyde Watershed Group thanks the Wildlife Conservation Fund for their financial support, much of which comes from conservation licence plates. And thanks to the landowners, Bob MacGregor and Liz Spangler, for providing a big enough space for this educational event.

Click here for more information.

PEI Winter Woodlot Tour

(2017-01-09) The 2017 PEI Winter Woodlot Tour and Workshop will be held on Saturday, January 21st past 452 Clyde Road, Hazel Grove, off Route 2 between Hunter River and Fredericton. This free event runs from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM.

For more information and updates visit the 2017 Winter Woodlot Tour page on Facebook.

Good Neighbour Award

(2017-01-03) At the Town's New Year levee, Kensington Mayor Rowan Caseley presented the inaugural Good Neighbour Award to the Kensington North Watershed Association. Secretary Paul Christensen and Executive Director Barry Murray was at the levee and received the award on behalf of the Association.

Mayor Caseley said that he "had a page of names that (he) had to narrow down. It was extremely difficult because each and every name on the list is extremely deserving." The award is presented to an individual, a group or and organization that has demonstrated volunteerism, charity, leadership, community building, youth development, environment stewardship or education as selected by the Mayor.

The KNWSA helped the town with several projects since it's inception, said Caseley, including arranging and executing the clean-up of the Alysha Toombs Memorial Park, waste clean-up of the old dump site located behind the town's waste water treatment lagoon as well as educational presentations to the community's youth on watershed protection, conservation and safety.

Click here to read the article in the Journal Pioneer.

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