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2014 News

Fish Passage and Wetland Restoration at MacLeods Pond

(2014-12-19) The restoration of fish passage and wetland restoration project at MacLeods Pond in Spring Valley has been successfully completed. The former by-pass for the pond had eroded to the point that sharp drops of 70 cm were preventing fish passage. There were brook trout upstream of the by-pass, but they were land locked and did not mix with the trout downstream, including sea trout.

Click here for more information and pictures.

Bird Watching: Rubber Boots, a Camera and a Smile

(2014-07-09) Last year, with the support of her family Jill Poirier returned to school to study environmental science. This summer she has been part of the summer crew working in the Kensington North area.

Click here to read about her summer experience.

Water Conservation Strategy for Kensington Being Planned

(2014-06-04) The Town of Kensington is partnering with the Kensington North Watershed Association (KNWSA) in the creation of a Water Conservation Strategy that will be tailor-made to specifically fit the needs and demands of our community.

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Paynters Pond in Long River

(2014-05-30) Residents of the community of Long River held a meeting on May 28 to discuss options for their community's pond, Paynters Pond. This former mill pond has been a focus point for the community since the mill was first constructed in the 1820's. The pond is the property of Prince Edward Island, and has a large drop culvert that currently requires maintenance. Several options for the pond were discussed besides the status quo (repairing the structure and leaving the pond intact), such as decommissioning the structure and reverting the system back to a stream.

The twenty residents at the meeting voted unanimously to request that the pond be left intact. In addition, there were suggestions that further improvements could be made to the pond and the Long River watershed in general. Kensington North Watersheds and the Province of PEI will work with local residents to put together a plan for the pond and the watershed that will keep the pond intact and improve fish habitat. Water quality monitoring will begin immediately and long range goals will be discussed and developed with the residents of Long River.

In 2013, Kensington North surveyed the pond for depth and volume of water at different elevations. Here is a map showing the amount of area of different pond depths, and the volume of water that would be in the pond at those various depths.

Further developments on this exciting project will be posted on our website as they occur.

Fishing Derby Well Attended

(2014-05-12) The Kensington Police Services Annual Fishing Derby drew huge crowds on Saturday and Sunday at the Alysha Toombs Pond by the Community Gardens. This is a well run event - free registration, prizes, brook trout stocked in the pond, BBQ - if you were not there, what exactly were you doing?

Volunteers worked hard and raised $3,500 from a variety of sponsors to put on the event. Check our Facebook page and the Town of Kensington website, for more pictures and info.

New Corporate Member

(2014-05-09) Cobbs Little Farms is our newest Corporate Member. It is owned and operated by Donald Cobb and family of Springbrook. Please see our Corporate Members page for a complete list.

Confederation Forest Legacy Plantings

(2014-04-28) The Macphail Woods Ecological Foresty Project has received funding as part of the PEI 2014 Celebrations to plant one Confederation Forest in each Island county.

These sites will become future Acadian forest natural areas, accessible to the public with walking paths, various species of hardy native plants and wildlife habitat enhancement such as nesting boxes. These forests will be planted by Macphail Woods staff, community members, watershed groups, and every other Islander that would like to help. Talks and presentations will be held near each planting site to provide Islanders with an opportunity to rediscover the historical, cultural and environmental importance of our native Acadian forests.

Visit Confederation Forests for more information.

Wildlife Watch Updated

(2014-04-16) The "Blue Jay" is the topic of the latest article on Garreth's Wildlife Watch that is now on-line.

Upcoming Annual Meeting

(2014-04-08) The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held at 7:00 pm, Wednesday, April 24th in the Boardroom of the Agricultural Insurance Corporation, 7 Gerald McCarville Dr, Kensington.

After the regular AGM business, guest speaker Dr. Adam Fenech, Director of the UPEI Climate Lab will demonstrate a new interactive 3-D geo-visualization platform known as CLIVE that allows stakeholders to interactively explore PEI's coastline and scenarios of future climate change, sea-level rise and storm surges. Come see how our communities will be affected.

Association members and the public welcome. Refreshments will served.

World Water Day

(2014-03-22) Saturday is World Water Day! This year the focus is on the relationship between water and energy. Take a moment to reflect on the abundance of this precious resource on our Island and remember that many others in the world do not have access to clean water.

Visit for more information.

New Corporate Member

(2014-02-28) Atlantic Deck Systems is our newest Corporate Member. It is owned and operated by Winston Cousins. Please see our Corporate Members page for a complete list.

2013 Headwater Survey On-line

(2014-02-27) A short report regarding a survey of selected headwater locations undertaken in 2013 is now on-line. Click here to down-load the report.

An expanded headwater survey in the Kensington North area will be performed in 2014.

Ring Necked Pheasants Released

(2014-02-19) KNWSA staff and volunteers were on-hand yesterday for the release of another fifteen Ring Necked Pheasants at the home of Board member Lewis Sutherland in Indian River.

Carl Hansen, President of the PEI Chapter of Pheasants Forever and provincial Conservation Officer, Wade MacKinnon organised the trapping and transport of the birds from two sites in Nova Scotia. All but one of the birds were banded before they were released into the wild.

The PEI Pheasants Forever Chapter received funding from the PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund for this project.

Nitrates Meeting Well Attended

(2014-02-19) Over 40 people, more than half of whom were farmers, attended the Nitrates meeting at the Kensington Legion on Feb. 10. The presentations were a variety of topics and all were well received.

A summary of the presentations is available here. Please take a moment to review how farmers are working to improve the quality of our environment.

Click here access information on our new Nitrates page.

Nitrates Meeting

(2014-02-04) Attention Farmers. The Association's Nitrate Stakeholders Committee will be hosting an afternoon of nutrient related presentations on Feb. 10, 2014 from 12:30 - 3:30 pm at the Royal Canadian Legion in Kensington. A light lunch will be served.


Jim Evans - ChairIntroduction
Barry Murray - Kensington North
Report from the Southwest River Stakeholders Project, Future Work
Harvey Cairns - Agronomist

Nitrate Trials, Soil N Sampling, GPS Soil Sampling
Steve Watts - AgronomistField Nutrient Trials, 4R
Ronda Bellefontaine -
Like Nobody's Business

Record Keeping for Nutrient Management,
Field Manager Pro
Kyra Stiles - Dept. Ag & Forestry
Scott Anderson - AAFC

Bio Reactor in Darnley, Simulating a Wetland to Reduce (process) Nitrates
Wade Caseley -
Kensington Ag Equipment

Farm Equipment for Variable Nutrient Application
Barry Thompson -
Dept. of Ag & Forestry
Summary Remarks

All Welcome

Click here for a copy of the Agenda.

Winter Woodlot Tour Invitation

(2014-01-22) What are the issues facing today's woodlots and watersheds? How can we work together to find common solutions to the hurdles of managing our resources sustainably - today and in the future?

With this in mind, P.E.I. Model Forest, Central Queens Wildlife Federation, West River, Hunter-Clyde and the Wheatley River Watershed organizations would like to invite the public to attend the 4th Annual Winter Woodlot Tour on Saturday, February 01 (storm date: February 08). This event will run from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM with no charge or registration required. The tour site is located between New Glasgow and Cavendish at #6123, Route 13, Mayfield. Follow the signs.

Tour features: Stream Enhancement Programs, Forestry Programs, Snowshoeing, Island Winter Wildlife, Chainsaw Maintenance and Safety, Horse drawn Sleigh Rides, Birds of Prey , Rope Bridges, Value Added Wood Products, Birding P.E.I. and many other interesting displays and presentations.

Experts from the Department of Agriculture and Forestry and other organizations will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding Forests, Wildlife and Watershed management. There is no charge to attend this special event and there will be a heated tent with free hot cider.

For more information, please visit Facebook: P.E.I. Winter Woodlot Tour 2014.

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