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2012 News

Bio-Reactor Constructed in Darnley

(2012-12-05) KNWSA has recently constructed a bio-reactor, or bio-filter, to capture nitrates from tile drainage in a small tributary to Darnley Basin. We have previously planted trees in this same small riparian zone on the property of Hickey Farms in Darnley. The location was thought to be a good site to demonstrate this new bio-filter technology because of the existing tile drainage at this location.

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New Corporate Members

(2012-11-09) Gull Point Fisheries Ltd. and Thompson's Backhoeing and Trucking are our newest Corporate Members. Gull Point Fisheries has been operating since 2003. Thompson's Backhoeing and Trucking has been in business since 1997. Please see our Corporate Members page for a complete list.

Water Sampling

(2012-11-07) Late this summer, the Association began collecting water samples from a number of watersheds that have had little or no testing in the past. The current focus is on the concentration of nitrates in the the surface water. Biweekly samples will be collected until mid-December and monthly sampling will continue over the winter. The samples are sent to the PEI Analytical Laboratories for analysis.

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Public Tree Planting Day

(2012-10-13) Everyone is invited to a Public Tree Planting Day to be held on Monday, Oct-15, 15:30-17:30 (Rain date: Oct-16) at 628 Burlington Rd - Rte 234 in Long River with Gary Schneider from the Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project on hand to share his knowledge.

Light refreshments & prizes. All ages welcome.

Monitoring Group Formed

(2012-08-31) A group of 11 local residents has been set up to spot for anoxic events in the estuaries of the Kensington North area. The Anoxia Monitoring group was formed because it is believed that many anoxic events occur without being recorded.

Anoxia occurs when most, if not all, of the dissolved oxygen in the water is used up by the decomposition of large amounts of dead and dying algae. Anoxic events are charaterised by a milky white or green discoloration of the water, a hydrogen sulphide (H2S) or 'rotten turnip' odour and low (near zero) dissolved oxygen readings.

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Annual Meeting Scheduled

(2012-03-29) The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held at 7:00 pm, Wednesday, April 25 at the Spring Valley Hall. This year we are glad to have with us former CBC reporter Ian Petrie as our guest speaker. Ian's long time involvement in resource issues will bring unique and well informed remarks on his perspective of watershed activity on PEI. We will also be doing a quick review of 2011 activities, proposed activities for 2012, a summary of our finances, and an amendment to our by-laws. All are welcome. Memberships will be available at the meeting. Refreshments will be available. See you there!

Planning for Climate Change

(2012-03-29) The Association will host a meeting at 7:00 pm, Thursday, April 12 at the Kensington Legion. Two regional climate change experts will present recent information and answer our questions, where possible. Erin Taylor, Climate Change Coordinator, PEI Dept. of Environment, Labour & Justice, and Erin Smith, Agri- Environment Services Branch, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada will help us to know more and so that we can begin creating plans for the changing climate that is coming.

Climate change has been labeled by some as the greatest challenge that mankind has ever faced. What could happen to communities on PEI? How will agriculture be affected as weather changes? The more we prepare and do now, the greater our ability will be to cope with these coming changes.

Water Symposium Held in Truro

(2012-03-26) A two day symposium on water related issues was held in Truro, NS, last week in conjunction with World Water Day (March 22). The keynote speaker was Jeff Schloss from the University of New Hampshire. A wide range of topics from mapping to watershed management were presented by speakers from federal and provincial agencies, academia, watershed organisations and others.

PEIWOA Meeting a Success

(2012-03-17) The PEI Woodlot Owners Association PPEIWOA) was formally established at its inaugural general meeting on March 10th. A Board of Directors was elected by the membership and an Executive Council was elected at the Directors meeting that followed. Contact Bruce Craig at for more information.

Unaffiliated Watersheds Added

(2012-03-12) The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the addition of three watersheds to the Kensington North family of watersheds. Harding Creek, Sutherland Creek and MacIntyres Creek are three small watersheds in the Clinton / New London area. The addition means that the Association will now provide support to all of the watersheds on both sides of the Southwest River. We will begin stream restoration and tree planting this summer with other work and projects to follow.

Island Woodlot Owners' Meeting

(2012-02-29) All interested woodlot owners are invited to attend a meeting on Saturday, March 10, 2012 from 1:00 to 4:00 PM at the Hunter River Lions Club in Hunter River. The first portion of this meeting will be a chance to give your input on the direction and the focus of this organization. The second portion will be the first Annual General Meeting, where bylaws will be reviewed and a board of Directors will be elected.


  • Welcome & Engagement: Interim Chair Bruce Craig
  • Introduction of the Organization : Interim Board member John Roe
  • Goals of the Association and Membership: Shauna Reddin will lead an exercise in aligning the visions of the woodlot owners with those of the Association.
  • Terms of Membership and Membership Fee
  • Horse logging Film / Membership Sign-up
  • Convening of first Annual General Meeting

Please pre-register by March 8, 2012 by contacting Greg Ridgway at (902) 368-6653 or via e-mail at

Winter Woodlot Tour a Success

(2012-02-06) Over 700 people attended the 2012 Winter Woodlot Tour in Hazel Grove, just west of Hunter River, this past weekend. The tour was organised by Hunter-Clyde Watershed Group, Wheatley River Improvement Group and PEI Model Forest Network Partnership with displays from the PEI Department of Agriculture and Forestry and other businesses and organisations. See Hunter-Clyde Watershed Group for more details.

World Wetlands Day

(2012-02-02) Today is World Wetlands Day! It marks the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands, also known as the "Ramsar Convention", on 1971-02-02, in the Iranian city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Visit for more information.

Winter Woodlot Tour Postponed

(2012-01-26) Due to weather and site safety conditions, the Winter Woodlot Tour has been cancelled for this Saturday, January 28th. The new time for the event will be Saturday, February 4th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. See below for details about the event.

Winter Woodlot Tour Invitation

(2012-01-23) What are the issues facing today's woodlot owners? How can we work together to find common solutions to the hurdles of managing forested land sustainably - today and in the future?

With this in mind, The P.E.I. Model Forest Network, Hunter-Clyde Watershed Group, Wheatley River Improvement Group and the Department of Agriculture and Forestry would like to invite you to a half day woodlot tour on Saturday, January 28th (storm date - February 4th) at 148 Hazel Grove Rd. west of Hunter River, Hwy #2. This event will run from 9:00 am to 1:00 PM with no charge or registration required to attend, Hot Cider will be available free of charge.

Tour features include but are not limited to the following:

  • Sleigh Rides
  • Commercial Hardwood Thinning - Forest Enhancement Program
  • Snowshoeing - Snowshoes will be available on site
  • Chainsaw Clinic - Chainsaw safety and maintenance
  • Island Winter Wildlife - Animal life within our woodlots
  • Birds of Prey
  • Maple Tree Tapping Demonstration - Setting up & making Maple Syrup Products
  • Non-timber Forest Products Exhibit
  • 4-H will be conduction a Woodsman Competition Demonstration

Forest, Wildlife and Watershed professionals will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Please pass this along to anyone that may be interested in attending. For more information, please contact Greg Ridgway, (902) 368-6653, via e-mail at or visit

District Planning Meetings Scheduled

(2012-01-21) Our work is continuing on Watershed Management Planning. The following series of meetings will address Long Term goals and actions, as well as local concerns and an opportunity to identify immediate needs that require attention this year. If you would like to hear of our longer term plans, or if you have a special concern regarding a particular area in your watershed, please come out.

Listed below is the location and date for each of the district meetings. All meetings start at 7:00 p.m.

Area 1 Barbara Weit River, Indian River.
Monday, Jan. 23, Kensington Town Hall (basement)
Area 2 Oyster Cove, Shipyard River, Darnley Basin.
Thursday, Jan. 26, Malpeque Hall
Area 5 Town of Kensington.
Thursday, Feb. 2, Kensington Town Hall (basement)
Area 4 Southwest River (Group 1 - North)
French River, Adams Creek, Paynters Creek, Long River, Spring Valley Brook.
Monday, Feb. 13, St. Thomas Church Hall, Springbrook
Area 6 Southwest River (Group 2 - South)
Tuplin Creek, Durant Creek, Harding Creek, Sutherland Creek, MacIntyre Creek.
Monday, Feb. 20, Margate United Church.
Area 3 - Sea View, Cousins Pond, Campbells Pond.
Thursday, March 1, Sea View Hall

Newsletter in the Mail

(2012-01-18) The latest edition of the Kensington North Watershed News is in todays local mail. Our revamped website is also being launched today. Look for the latest new here and on Facebook.

New Corporate Member

(2012-01-06) L & C Fisheries of French River is our newest Corporate Member. It is a family-owned business that has been retailing fresh sea food since 1978. Please see our Corporate Members page for a complete list.

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