Kensington North Watersheds Association

2010 News

Bridge Demolition Material Received

(2010-12-07) KNWSA has received a portion of its allotment of material from the demolition of Darnley Bridge. This material is targeted for building stream crossings on private land throughout the province. There is a wide range of material size, much of it is creosoted, but is approved by the Dept. of Environment, Energy & Forestry for stream crossing construction. If you have a stream crossing project or know of someone that does, please contact us. Construction cannot occur until June 1, 2011, but this is a good time to make plans and assemble material. Trucking to your location can be arranged for as low a cost as possible.

Request for Demolition Material Approved

(2010-08-31) KNWSA has received permission from Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, Ron MacKinley, to acquire surplus demolition material from the Darnley Bridge project. We asked for this material so that we may make it available to farmers to construct modern, durable bridges for heavy equipment going over streams. This material will be available to all Island farmers. Demolition of the Darnley Bridge is due to commence on Sept. 7, 2010.

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